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Egyptian army intensify destroying Gaza tunnels
Egyptian army intensify destroying Gaza tunnels
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Gaza, Alray - Egyptian army has increased its crackdown on tunnels between Gaza and Egypt after siezing power in a military coup against President Mohammad Morsi.

Egyptian bulldozers have been intesively destroying tunnels along the border with Gaza, Press TV reported.

The once lively tunnels area lying between the southern town of Rafah and the Sinai Peninsula looks more like a ghost town; no transfer of goods or vital commodities via the underground lifeline for the blockaded Gaza.

Gaza’s only gate to the outside world, Rafah border crossing, has still been closed for three days now. Thousands of travelers are stranded on both sides of the crossing.

The destroying of tunnels has affect all aspects of life in Gaza: most of Gaza’s fuel supplies come from the tunnels, and now hundreds of motorists queue for long hours just to get Israeli fuel which only comes ,in very limited amounts.