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Islamic movement in 1948 lands holds Pro-Mosri march
Islamic movement in 1948 lands holds Pro-Mosri march
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Gaza, Alray - Dozens of activists of the Islamic movement in Sakhnin town north of occupied Palestine took the the streets Saturday evening in protest at "the military coup led by Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi against the democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi,"

The demonstrators raised slogans condemning the military coup like "down with military rule" "O Sisi Morsi is Raessi (our president)" and other slogans inspired by the pro-Morsi protests around Rabe'a al-Adawiya Mosque in Nasr City.

The Islamic movement in the occupied Palestine in 48 considered what the Egyptian army did "a coup against legitimacy and the constitution and that cooperative liberal and secular forces are puppets of foriegn powers,"

It said in a statement issued on Thursday "imposing the will of military on the Egyptian people is a serious manipulation of the January 25 revolution achievements that freed the Egyptian people from dictatorial regimes, so the coup has not only touched Dr. Mohamed Morsi as a person, and not affect only the sovereignty of the elected government, but threatens the return of the remnants of the former regime, and this is in itself a stab in the heart of Egypt, which is the beating heart of the Arab nation."

The movement confirmed that "the coup is but a round as all parties true to their causes with the Islamic movements at the forefront have become a hard number in the Egyptian street that no one could be able to get rid of."