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Al-Ghusain calls for re-opening Rafah crossing
Al-Ghusain calls for re-opening Rafah crossing
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Gaza, Alray - The Palestinian Government on Sunday called on Egypt to re-open Rafah crossing urgently to stop the crisis that affects all fields of  life in Gaza.

Spokesperson of the Palestinian government  Ihab AL-Ghusein said in a press release to Al-Ray on Sunday, " Rafah crossing should not  be linked to the political conflict in Egypt."

He expressed that his government understands well the security conditions in Egypt, pointing out that  it must not  drive to the closure of the crossing that leads to restricting passengers movement and increasing the siege imposed on Gaza.

"Dozens of Palestinian strand on the border with Egypt and are not allowed to enter Gaza. This would exacerbate humanitarian crisis," he added


Al-Ghusein pointed out that opening the crossing will not affect Egypt's interior security, wishing Egypt to overcome its crisis.

It is worth mentioning that Egypt government closed Rafah crossing after the military coup led by the Egyptian army.