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Death of stranded piligrim, the situation worsens
Death of stranded piligrim, the situation worsens
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Gaza, Alray - Minister of Awqaf and ReligiousAffairs Ismail Radwan said that pilgrim Atia Al-Daghma,65, died yesterday as he stranded in Saudi Arabia as the Rafah crossing is closed for the fifth day in a row over interior conflicts in Egypt.

The minister said on Monday, "Daghma died of a sudden illness," noting that there are more than 1819 piligrims stranded  in Saudi Arabia ."

Radwan pointed out they are living hard conditions.They are hardly managing their own life affairs there.

The minister visiting Saudi Arabia at the moment confirmed that he made contacts with all stakeholders to ensure the needs of the stranded citizens  , explaining that until now there is no serious actions to resolve the crisis.

"The humanitarian situation is difficult for all pilgrims. They are still suffering from  difficult conditions," he added.