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MOE: Construction of 39 schools suspended due to closures
MOE: Construction of 39 schools suspended due to closures
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Gaza, Alray - The Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced that construction of 39 schools is coming to a halt as a result of the renewed closures of tunnels and crossings of the Gaza Strip.

The ministry said Tuesday in a statement that "the halt  of construction of new schools adversely affect the educational process private especially in light of the Gaza's need for new schools to alleviate classroom density.

"Tthe closures prevent construction materials such as cement, iron, gravel, paints, tiles, and wood, aluminum, and electrical appliances which are all essential for construction,"

The ministry indicated that "the closures led to suspending the construction of 12 schools currently underway, of which 5 in the northern Gaza Strip and 2 in the middle and 5 in southern Gaza Strip."

Work on establishing 2 schools in the middle Gaza strip also has been stopped, while construction contracts of 25 schools in Rafah and Gaza have been terminated.

Procedues for accepting bids from contractors were suspended until the necessary materials are available.

The ministry also confirmed that "all of the seven the water wells of schools and directorates have stopped working due to lack of fuel."