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Lives of 32 premature babies are in danger
Lives of 32 premature babies are in danger
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Gaza, Alray - The Director of Al Naser hospital for Children,  Dr. Nabil Albrkony warned  that lack of fuel and electricity cuts are hampering medical treatment in the hospital, explaining that lives of 32 premature babies and six babies in ICU are threatened.

"No hospital can work without electricity" he said,  explaining that  with eight hours electricity cut per day; the fuel store for the generator  is going to be  run out after six days. He aded that there is only  3000 liters of fuel in the store and the hospital spends 500 liters per day.

He noted that the Emergency and Reception Department offers services to nearly 300 children a day , explaining that in summer infection disease spread widely among children which costs the  hospital more efforts to provide  sufficient medical treatment .

Medical treatment such as medical tests, x -ray and  providing oxygen to patients all need electricity which is lacked due to fuel shortage.

Albrkony called on International  and Humanitarian organizations  to intervene in order to solve this crisis.

Absolutely disgusting the way the Israelis treat the Palestinians. The world looks the other way if only Israel had oil it would be a whole different story....