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Abu Sabha: Rafah crossing still closed to pilgrims
Abu Sabha: Rafah crossing still closed to pilgrims
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Gaza, Alray - Director General of the Gaza Border Crossings Maher Abu Sabha said on Wednesday that Egypt government continues closing the crossing to Palestinian pilgrims stranded in Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out in a press release, "1600 pilgrims scheduled to return last week but they did not as Egypt is still closing the crossing  over internal conflicts."

"The problem isnot solved until now,"he added.


He described the case at the Rafah crossing as being very miserable , adding: "There are hundreds of citizens having residence permits stuck in Egypt at the outer hall of the crossing."

He indicated that the Egyptian citizens in Gaza, Palestinian patients with  official referrals from the Ministry of Health, and individuals holding foreign passports will be permitted to leave Gaza to Egypt.


Palestinian government is making contacts with Egypt to re-open the crossing that is the only outlet for Gaza.

The crossing has been closed since Friday afternoon, as a result of events in Egypt. About 10,000 Palestinians have been waiting in Gaza to leave to Egypt. Thousands of  Palestinians are also stuck on the Egyptian side of the crossing, in Saudi Arabia and in other countries, unable to return home.