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Lives of 360 patients in danger
Lives of 360 patients in danger
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Gaza, Alray - Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) on Wednesday  announced  in a statement that closing Rafah crossing put lives of 360 patients in danger.

The statement explained  that these patients have official reference documentation to be treated abroad, but closing Rafah crossing by the Egyptian authorities prevented them to be treated; 26 of them   are  cancer stricken  and they have to undergo regular treatments.

 The Director of Ambulance and Emergency unit at the Ministry of Health, Yahya Khader said:" there are 20 critical cases need  immediate treatment  abroad in addition to  200 cases with  official reference to be treated abroad  that including 12 epilepsy, 26  cancer, 44 need urgent surgery, 28 optic illnesses, 16 heart diseases, 52 bone diseases and 28 patients with different diseases.

He expressed his grave concerns over keeping Rafah crossing closed in the next days which has negatives impacts on the patients.  "Any delay of treatment sessions  affects  the patients' health "  he said, urging the Egyptian Authorities to re-open Rafah crossing.