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MOT: 70.000 cars affected in fuel crisis in Gaza
MOT: 70.000 cars affected in fuel crisis in Gaza
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Gaza, Alray - Ministry of  Transportation(MOT) in Palestine said that ban of the entry of petroleum materials through the tunnels  under the Palestinian-Egyptian borders aggravated the crisis of 70.000 drivers in Gaza.

Spokesman of the MOT Khalil Al-Zayan said in a press conference held in the Government Information Office(GMO) on Tuesday," about 20.000 public cars (Taxes) and 30.000 private cars were affected in the fuel crisis in Gaza." .

Al- Zayan added," there are a lot of cars stopped completely due to the lack of the necessary amount of fuel. As a result of this, essential medicines, goods and materials can not be transported to their destinations.

"Gaza is going into a real crisis if our Egyptian brothers do not open the ways to the essential materials to the besieged Gaza," Al-Zayan said.