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Palestinian gov. to sue smear campaigners against Gaza
Palestinian gov. to sue smear campaigners against Gaza
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Gaza, Alray - Spokesman of the Palestinian government Ihab Al-Ghusain said that his government has already started prosecution of some Palestinian and Arab media, and of Palestinian figures involved in the smear campaign against the Gaza Strip.

"The smear campaign is designed to tarnish the image of the Palestinian people and has affected the Gaza citizens as a whole,” adding that “many Egyptians consequently happened to view Palestinians with disdain and hatred,"Al-Ghussein said Tuesday in a press conference, stressing that “The Israeli occupation is the sole beneficiary out of driving wedges among sons of the Arab nation,”

He noted that the government continues with concerned authorities in Egypt to explain the nature of such incitement, which in return assured that Palestinians are not part of any acts against Egypt and its people.

Al-Ghussein threatened those involved in the campaign with legal prosecution. "We have already started to legally pursue some of the media bodies,”

He indicated that “the government has received definite information about the involvement of many official parties,” adding “unfortunately, security bodies affiliated with Fatah movement have assisted in fabricating such news stories and disseminating them to the Egyptian media,"

“The campaign is led by Fatah’s central committee fired Mohammad Dahlan, who is working on the ground to incite against the Gaza Strip,"

With regard to government contacts with Egypt after the ouster of Mohammed Morsi, he confirmed that “contacts are ongoing; Egypt is still concerned about resolving the current Palestinian matters, the latest of which is the stranded pilgrims in Saudi Arabia,”

On destroying the smuggling tunnels, Al-Ghussain said "our position is always clear on that; Palestinians are compelled to use tunnels because of the closures of the sole commercial crossing Karam Abu Salem through which only 20% of the needs of the people of Gaza are allowed."

“There is no alternative to the tunnels in light of the continued siege and the absence of a formal commercial terminal between Gaza and the Egyptian side,” he said, stressing that “the government itself will begin to completely demolish them in the event of any alternative that secure the needs of the Gaza population.”

The fabrications included reports about Hamas operatives being killed by Egypt army for allegedly sparking unrest in Sinai Peninsula.

Moreover, among the stories was that of the arrest two Hamas members on Assalam bridge in Egypt, which was categorically denied by the government.

Egyptian media reports in the last few days that Hamas affiliates were among the Egyptian citizens attacked by the republican guards were also fabricated.

Palestinian MP Yehya Mousa refuted the claims made by Fatah about his talk to the press about the Egyptian internal conflict and its impact on the Gaza Strip, stressing that such are mere lies and part of the systematic disinformation campaign launched by Fatah faction against Gaza and its resistance.