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Gaza activists stage sit-in urging end to Egyptian bloodletting
Gaza activists stage sit-in urging end to Egyptian bloodletting
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Gaza, Alray - Dozens of activists denounced Saturday evening the Egyptian media campaign of incitement against the Palestinian people, and the "crimes and massacres against innocent people in Egypt."

The participants started from the Unknown Soldier Square and marched to before the Egyptian embassy office in Gaza.

The demonstrators chanted during the march "No incitement... Gaza and Egypt are one hand", "Our beloved people of Egypt.., Gaza is not Tel Aviv."

They stressed that they are sitting on the fence with all Egyptian parties, and that they call for an end to the bloodletting of demonstrations and sit-ins.

The activists expressed anger at the Egyptian media that still draw incitement and hate speech and broadcast rumors and lies about the Palestinians interferring in Egypt's internal affairs.

Activist Izz al-Din al-Akhras said "the relationship betweem Egyptian and Palestinian peoples is far from being affected by some journalists who are known for their hostility to Palestine."

He demanded to preserve the authentic national relationship between the two peoples, pointing to the need for action to stave off media defamation through dialogue with the Egyptian media.