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Alaa' Al-Hams in danger
Alaa' Al-Hams in danger
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Gaza- Al- Ray

Husaam, Detainees and ex-detainees  society, announced today that Alaa' Al-Hams's health    , a father for four children,  has deteriorated seriously , pointing out that he keeps vomiting blood more and more  without receiving an appropriate medical treatment by Israel Prison Services  which threatens his life.

Alaa' Al-Hamas came down with tuberculosis" TB " just after his detention in 2009 and lost 80% of vision on his left eye. His brother said that Alaa' suffered of slip disk and asthma before being detained.

Tareq Al-Hamas said that his brother subjected to sever physical and psychological torture and humiliation and served long times in solitary confinement which affected his health badly causing fever and wasting to him.

"Israel Prison Services deprived Alaa' of medical treatment and refused to let the doctors check his health up, giving him just analgesia without medical treatment." He added

Alaa' Al-Hams family called on Ministry of Detainees and  human rights organizations to practice their authorities to save Alaa's life. They asked them to exert pressure on Israel to take Alaa' to a civil hospital where he could receive an appropriate medical treatment.

Alaa' Ibrahim Ali AL-Hams was born on November 28, 1974. He is married and a father for four children. Israeli Military Forces arrested him on January 24, 2009 and sentenced him to 29 years, charging him of trying to kidnap an Israeli soldier.  


Win Burton
Have you up to date news of Ala Al Hams? I should very much like to find some safe way to contact his wife and family to support them