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More 6 tunnels reported blown up
More 6 tunnels reported blown up
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Gaza, Alray - Egyptian security forces Saturday blew up six tunnels under the Palestinian-Egyptian border to the southern Gaza Strip.

Alray reporter said two tunnels in Garadat area east of the Rafah crossing were completely destroyed in the evening. A cloud of smoke billowed out of the scene, no injuries among Palestinian reported. 

Hours later, the Egyptian security forces planted bombs in 4 tunnels in the Brazil neighborhood in Rafah to detonate by remote control, while one tunnel was flooded with water before being destroyed.

Last Saturday, the Egyptian military destroyed two tunnels that have their entrances inside Egyptian houses at al-Sarsoriya area next to Brazil neighborhood of the Palestinian side.

The day before, the Egyptian army bombed three tunnels used for smuggling food stuffs, goods raw building materials that the Israeli occupation refuses to enter to the nearly 1.8 million population of the Gaza Strip.

The army had begun the crackdowns on border tunnels weeks before the military coup against President Mohamed Morsi –now in custody- took place on July 3rd.

Hundreds of Gaza citizens who make living through working at the underground tunnels are likely to become jobless.