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Israel Channel 7: army disregards enquiry into targeting of Al Aqsa TV cameramen
Israel Channel 7: army disregards enquiry into targeting of Al Aqsa TV cameramen
Komi (right) and Salameh (left)
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Gaza, Alray - Israel Channel 7 reported Sunday that the investigative bodies of the Israeli military ignore to investigate the targeting of cameramen working for the Gaza-based Al AqsaTV channel during the recent war on Gaza nine months ago.

An Israeli army warplane had targeted a vehicle of Al-Aqsa TV with the emblem of "Press" in November 2012, killing the cameramen Mahmoud Komi and Hassan Salameh on board. 

The channel said Israeli army investigators deliberately disregard the journalists and human rights bodies who enquire about the findings of the investigation into the incident. 

After nine months now, the army still refuses to give a justification for the targeting of Al-Kumi, 29, married with three children, ages two, four, and five, and Salama, 30, married with four children, ages eight months, two, three, and five.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) requested information from the IDF concerning the attacks on the Aqsa cameramen, the Shawa and Housari Building, the Shoruq Building, and the Naama Building. The IDF replied that it was checking the “details of the events” and would be able to respond once this check is complete without saying when that would be.

Israeli officials sought to justify attacks on Palestinian media by saying the military had targeted individuals or facilities that “had relevance to” or were “linked with” Palestinian resistance groups, but these justifications violate the laws of war and place journalists at grave risk, HRW said on December 20th 2012.

Channel 7 indicated that "the army asked the channel manager not to enquire about the targeting of Komi and Salameh in the future,"

At a press conference, the channel reporter asked an army official about the findings  of the investigation who answered "why do you care about Palestinians killed million years ago?

The reporter repeated the question once to another army official in a press conference who said in turn "You do not have a press pass, so excuse me I cannot answer,"

Channel wondered in its report about why not to explain the targeting of the Palestinian cameramen although the army spokesmen unit has hundreds of investigators, speakers, and jurists. 

According to its estimates, the channel says "work with the media organizations associate of Hamas movement, and working to expose the Israeli army attacks could be enough a charge to justify killing of the two journalists,"

In an earlier interview with one of the IDF spokesmen, Mark Regev, told Channel 7 that "the Israeli army may target civilians deliberately and directly even if that violates the international law,"

The report questioned "the legality of any missile targeting of a civilian working for the Hamas government, or even a supporter of it,"

"The army indifference to the targeting of journalists and neglecting investigation reflect a culture of lack of accountability and disregard for the Israeli public and the international community." it concluded.