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Israel approves plan to bring 300,000 new residents to Negev and Galilee
Israel approves plan to bring 300,000 new residents to Negev and Galilee
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Jerusalem, Alray - Israel has approved a NIS 110 million project to build more housing in the Negev and Galilee regions as part of a plan to bring 300,000 new residents to the north and south over the next decade, Haaretz reported on Tuesday.

The decision “will change the housing map in the Negev and Galilee,” said Silvan Shalom, who is the minister responsible for such project. “The plan is based on models that will create in relatively short amount of time rental housing in urban and rural communities.”

The construction will be funded by Shalom’s ministry and Israeli Housing and Construction Ministry.

The four-pronged housing plan will provide land to certain groups for the purpose of building between seven and 10 housing units. After three years of paying rent to live in those homes, tenants will have the option of buying the home, with the previous years of rent subtracted from the purchase price. If the tenants don’t stay, the next tenants will rent under similar terms.

Under another element of the plan, buyers of new homes in urban areas of the Negev or Galilee will receive a rental subsidy of NIS 800-NIS 1,200 until their purchased home is completed and fit for habitation. To prevent abuse of the program, subsidy recipients who fail to show their contract to purchase a home or aren’t actually living in it will have to return the entire subsidy and pay a fine.

Last June Israeli keenest has approved what is called “Prawer Plan” which recommends to remove dozens of Palestinian Bedouin villages and gather them in cretin areas.

Palestinians consider such project as new “Nakab” since it will confiscate more than 800 thousands donums of Negav lands which consequently means the displacement of 40 thousands Bedouins.