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Several injuries among Palestinians as IOF forces break into Nablus
Several injuries among Palestinians as IOF forces break into Nablus
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Nablus, ALRAY - At least three Palestinian citizens sustained live-bullets-injuries and dozens others suffocated during confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces that broke into Nablus on Thursday night.

Medical sources reported that three people were injured with live bullets, two others were directly hit with tear gas canisters and over 50 were suffocated after being tear gassed by the IOF forces during the incursion.

The sources added that the Israeli occupation forces prevented ambulances from reaching the location of the confrontations for transferring the injuries.

The Israeli occupation forces broke into the eastern area of the city of Nablus, so as to secure the stormings of the illegal settlers into Joseph’s Tomb, which let to erupting confrontations with Palestinian youths.

During the confrontations, the occupation forces fired live bullets, tear gas canisters and sound grenades towards the Palestinian youths who took to the streets to resist the storming.

Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank suffer from almost daily attacks by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers, resulting in many injuries and sometimes martyrs among them.