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Danon Warns Netanyahu over 'Peace' Deal
Danon Warns Netanyahu over 'Peace' Deal
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Gaza, Alray - Deputy Israeli Defense Minister says whoever presents an "interim agreement" with the PA, in which a Palestinian state will be established within temporary borders,does not belong in Likud.

Channel 2 reported Monday evening that in a closed meeting of Likud members that included Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon sharply attacked the idea of an interim state, and warned Netanyahu against bringing it to the government's approval.

"What will happen if, G-d forbid, the negotiations lead to an agreement, and Netanyahu will bring the agreement to the government? They are talking about an interim agreement,” he said. “If an accord like that is presented, the Likud movement must tell whoever is advancing such an arrangement: 'you do not belong in Likud.'”

"These days, the 20th anniversary of the Oslo Accords is being marked and, rather than admitting failure, the Oslo gang is trying to lead to an interim arrangement in which Israel will give away the majority of its assets and will not receive anything in return,” added Danon.

“Such an arrangement contrary to the DNA of the Likud and the national camp and anyone who supports it  - his place will not be in the Likud,” he said.