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A letter form Lian to her mother
A letter form Lian to her mother
Lian Mdokh
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Hi Mama

I'm talking to you from Heaven, where it doesn't hurt anymore to brush my curly hair.

I remember now how you were flaunting my hair to those who made remarks about it: “We’re just born with curly hair; actually people go to hairdressers to make it curly!”


I left and forgot to take my dress that I made you search every shop till you bought it. 

Please Mama, don't be sad every time you see it, now I'm wearing a much more beautiful dress.


I know that you will cry a lot whenever you look at my picture, whenever you make breakfast for my brothers, whenever your voice escapes from you to call me but I do not respond, whenever you go through what is left of my memories in our home.

But I am sending this letter to you to reassure you; perhaps if I had stayed alive, I would have lived through all the suffering that my peers live through; I would have grown up without hope in life, I would have learned, but not had a job opportunity, I would have written poetry but not found anyone to read it, I would have lived the pain of losing any of you by a treacherous missile; I would have been overwhelmed by helplessness in a besieged, outcast spot on the map.

As for now! I left and feel free from all this fatigue, and whoever is beside God does not get tired, so do not be sad.

I'm waiting for you, Mama

Live as you like, for we will one day meet here, I will prepare your reception from now on.

Be well, take good care of my brothers, I love them all, and I love dad so very much.

I love you mama ♥

Lian Mdokh

Yesterday's martyr