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Two Palestinians injured in Israeli settler attack in Nablus
Two Palestinians injured in Israeli settler attack in Nablus
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West Bank, ALRAY - Two Palestinian citizens suffered wounds during a violent attack by Israeli colonial settlers on the occupied northern West Bank city of Nablus.


According to local sources, a group of Israeli colonial settlers attacked Burqa town, northwest of Nablus, opening fire at local Palestinian citizens and setting fire to a sheep pen and olive trees.


The Palestinian Red Crescent said that its crews provided medical assistance to a man, 52, with shrapnel wounds in his legs and a young man hit by shrapnel in the hand.


Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation army broke into the area and fired tear gas at local citizens as they were defending themselves against the colonial settlers' attack, causing dozens of them to suffer breathing difficulties.


Israeli colonial settlers have recently stepped up their attacks against Palestinian civilians and their property in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, under the protection of the Israeli occupation army.


Around 750,000 Israeli colonial settlers now live in at least 250 illegal settlements built on vast swathes of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank and Jerusalem.