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Three Palestinian journalists killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza
Three Palestinian journalists killed in Israeli airstrike on Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Three Palestinian journalists were killed on Tuesday at dawn and several others were seriously injured, after being targeted by Israeli occupation forces in the west of Gaza city.

Government Media Office said that the journalists Saeed al-Taweel, Mohammed Soboh and Hisham al-Nawajha were killed during their coverage for the evacuation of a multi-storey residential building threatened with bombing by the Israeli occupation forces.

The office added that the Israeli crime against the two journalists is a premeditated assassination, particularly the two journalists were wearing press vests and helmets.

It stressed that it has become clear that the Israeli occupation persists with its deliberate targeting of Palestinian journalists and media outlets, in an attempt to hide the truth about its crimes against the Palestinian people.

The office called upon all the institutions concerned with the freedom of opinion and expression to take serious and responsible actions against Israeli crimes against Palestinian journalists and media outlets.