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The daily update from the Government Media Office regarding the Israeli occupation's aggression on Gaza
The daily update from the Government Media Office regarding the Israeli occupation's aggression on Gaza
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Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation's aggression on October 7th, the death toll has reached 5,087, including 2,055 children, 1,119 women and girls, and 217 elderlies. 15,273 citizens have been injured.


The number of fatalities in the south of the Gaza Strip reached 1,652. These are areas that the Israeli occupation claimed to be safe, but horrific massacres were committed, targeting displaced individuals directly on roads, in relatives' homes, and in shelters.


The total number of displaced persons is approximately 1.4 million, accounting for 70% of the Strip's population.


The occupation has committed 597 massacres against Palestinian families, with 3,813 deaths, the majority of which are women and children.


Government teams received about 1,500 reports of missing individuals under the rubble, including 830 children.


Over 181,000 housing units have been partially damaged due to the ongoing aggression, with more than 20,000 units completely demolished or rendered uninhabitable.


72 government headquarters and dozens of public and service facilities were destroyed by the occupation, sustaining extensive damage.


The occupation continues to destroy water and electricity networks and sewage systems, putting many out of service. The occupation also destroys educational institutions, with 177 schools sustaining various damages, including 32 schools that are now out of service.


The occupation persists in deliberately targeting civilian gatherings, destroying homes over their occupants' heads, and targeting churches and mosques. 32 mosques and 3 churches were severely damaged.


All official statistics documented by field government teams are based on accessible areas, with many regions remaining unreachable due to continued bombings.


The aid convoys entering the Strip are far below the minimum required for the catastrophic humanitarian situation. In total, 34 trucks have entered, with an expected 20 more today, which means a total of 10% of what used to enter the Gaza Strip daily before the aggression.


We emphasize the need to permanently open the Rafah crossing to introduce vital supplies, humanitarian needs, primarily fuel, and to evacuate the wounded and injured for treatment.


Government Media Office

Monday, October 22, 2023.