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Rafah crossing closed for the third day
Rafah crossing closed for the third day
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Gaza, Alray - Ministry of Interior in Gaza confirmed that the Egyptian authorities continue closing  the Rafah Crossing for the third consecutive day.

General Administration of Crossings and Borders said in a press release on Saturday morning,” Egypt shut the border for three days in a raw in front of passengers including the patients, holders of the green cards and students.”

It is noteworthy that the closure of  the crossing increased the suffering of the besieged  people of Gaza who have been in siege for seven years.

There have been frequent closures of the Rafah terminal in the recent weeks due to the political unrest in Egypt and violence in the Sinai peninsula.

The Rafah crossing has been the principal connection between Gaza's 1.8 million residents and the outside world since the destruction of Gaza's international airport in 2001 and the subsequent air and naval blockade.