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Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza Strip
Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza Strip
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The Government media office issued a daily report to sum up the impacts of the unjust blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2006 and the influence of the recent procedures taken by Egyptian Authorities on the lives of the Palestinian people living in the Gaza which lead to destroying the tunnels and closing the Rafah border.

Labor Sector:

-     10 thousands workers in the construction sector have lost their jobs, in addition to 4000 fishermen ( almost 80% ).

-      More than 20 thousands taxis, 300 buses, 30 thousands private cars, 10 thousands motorcycles and 20 thousands good trucks have stopped operating, which means that 20 thousands drivers have lost their source of living.

-     According to Ministry of Labor most of plans related to vocational training have stopped due to the lack of raw materials and machines used to train students.


Tourism Sector:

-     Most of restoration works at the archeologists sites have stopped due to lack of materials.

-     Number of tourists have decreased severely since most of them were from solidarity delegations which used to come to the Gaza Strip before the closure of Rafah crossing.