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Ministry of Information calls for open dialogue 'to develop a media law'
Ministry of Information calls for open dialogue 'to develop a media law'
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Information called on Palestinian journalists for reconciliation and opening of a dialogue in order to make a modern media law that regulates the profession.

The ministry said Friday in a statement on the occasion of World Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Journalist "On this day, which marks World Day of Solidarity with Palestinian journalist , Ministry of Information extends its appreciation to the Palestinian journalist in various whereabouts, who shouldered a lot of difficulties for the sake of his just national cause,”

"We stand today in tribute to the martyrs of media movement, and wish all media practitioners injured during the exercise of their work a fast recovery, and declare our support for those detained in Israeli jails,” the statement said.

The ministry called for concerted effort to be paid between the government and non-government media to develop a strategic vision for media sector in the Gaza Strip, based on the rights and duties on the part of the media practitioners and the government, so that all could work for the interest of the common Palestinian rights.

It also called on human rights organizations and the international press to stand by the Palestinian journalists, and defend their rights violated by the Israeli occupation, and to work to hold accountable anybody committing violations against freedom of media work.

It affirmed the established right of the Palestinian media to work freely according to the law, the common values ​​and recognized ethics.

The ministry stressed the need that all Palestinian media bodies assist in transcending their differences so that they could live up to what the martyred journalists sacrificed for.