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Maariv: negotiations reached a deadlock
Maariv: negotiations reached a deadlock
US Secretary of State John Kerry, chief Israeli negotiator Livni, chief Palestinian Erekat
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Gaza, ALRAY - Maariv newspaper said in its Sunday edition quoting an informed dipomatic source that Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have reached to a deadlock.

The deadlock has been marked when Israel refused to discuss land swap idea during the first meeting on borders issue, according to the diplomat.

He added that the negotiaitons would remain absurd until the US administration intervenes or a meeting between Natenyaho and Abbas is held.

Ramallah Foreign minister Riyad al-Maliki said Israel behaves as if negotiations have just begun, adding that if negotiations have not ended in a solution during Obama's term, they would never succeed during any other future terms.

Chief Israeli negotiator Tzipi Livni said "true peace will not be achieved as soon as an agreement is signed with the Palestinians," adding that she is "struggling for protecting the security interests of Israel.

In her speech to the annual conference of J Street, an American lobby and a pro-Israel organization, Livni called on the authorities supporting Israel to "fight for peace," adding that "the only way to protect a democratic, Jewish Israel lies in the two-state-for-two people solution.