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Suffering at the Rafah Crossing (PHOTOS)
Suffering at the Rafah Crossing (PHOTOS)
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Rafah, ALRAY - The Egyptian authorities reopened Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip temporarily for an hour on Saturday following an eight-day closure.

Only one bus crossing into Egypt due to a claimed damage of computer network at the Egyptian side.

6,000 stranded, including 1500 students, disappointed after a glimmer of some hope shined when the Egyptian authorities announced they would open the crossing for three days this week.

Among those awaiting on the border was Ahmed from Gaza. He is a student at a medicine faculty in an Egyptian universty.

“ I came in the summer  holiday to visit my family and now I am stuck here. The semester has begun since last week and I don’t know what to do. I will miss the semester if I do not gmore,” said Ahmed.

Not far away was sitting Om Al-abed,45,  an Egyptian married to a Palestet through soon. She has come to Rafah for five times to no avail. 

“ I want to visit my children whom I have not seen since last year, they study at Egyptian universities. In addition to that I want to have to medication which is not available  in Gaza,” she said.

 All of the stranded Palestinians appeal to Egypt to put an end for their suffering and open Rafah Crossing. 

A one-day-old baby died on Saturday as his mother was not allowed to cross into Gaza and had to give his birth on Friday at the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing.

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