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Egypt reopens Rafah crossing
Egypt reopens Rafah crossing
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Egyptian authorities reopened the Rafah crossing on Sunday morning following a closure on Saturday due to malfunctioned computer system. 

Ministry of Interior in Gaza said Egypt opened the crossing yeaterday to one bus, out of six, loaded with 60 passengers, while 112 passengers arrived in Gaza through the crossing.  

Egypt had informed the Gaza Crossings Administion that it would open the crossing Saturday, Sunday and Monday for students, persons with residence permits and humanitarian cases.

The crossing was closed Friday after being opened for two days to a small number of passengers.

The Rafah border crossing has been witnessing partial openings since the military-backed deposition of  President Mohamed Morsi. 

Suffering of thousands of the stranded at both sides of crossing is increasing with a one-day-old Palestinian infant died at the Egyptian side on Saturday.