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Haaretz: Israel has expropriated more than 20,000 dunams of land since 1967
Haaretz: Israel has expropriated more than 20,000 dunams of land since 1967
The area where the Mount Scopus Slopes Park is being established (photo\Haaretz),
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli Haaretz Newspaper said in its Wednesday edition that since 1967, (Israel) has expropriated more than 20,000 dunams of Palestinian land, implying that there is no reason to build a national park.

The newspaper said in an editorial article that the only answer to constructing the park was supplied last week by a staff member of the Nature and Parks Authority, who told visitors the main reason for the park’s establishment is to prevent construction.

"Looking around, it’s easy to see whose construction the park is meant to prevent; to the south lies A-Tur, to the north, Issawiya. These two Palestinian neighborhoods, like most Arab neighborhoods, suffer from long-term neglect, overcrowding, absence of development plans, and illegal construction due to the fact that building permits simply aren't granted," it added.

Such land was used to construct tens of thousands of apartments in the Jewish neighborhoods fronting the city on the east, according to the newspaper.

It added that "During this period not even one new Palestinian neighborhood was built, while no effort was spared to stifle development in the existing ones."

"The area allocated for the new national park is the proverbial poor man's lamb. It must be planned for the residents’ benefit while respecting nature and scenery,"  editor said.