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Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza Strip
Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza Strip
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The Government media office issued a daily report to sum up the impacts of the unjust blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2006 and the influence of the recent procedures taken by Egyptian Authorities on the lives of the Palestinian people living in the Gaza which lead to destroying the tunnels and closing the Rafah border.


-    Crossings and borders

- Egyptian authorities banned Wednesday 17 pilgrims from Gaza to travel to perform Hajj ritual in Saudi Arabia, in addition to 33 pilgrims from the first group that left the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

- 654 pilgrims out of 2300 left the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

- Israeli occupation allowed the entrance of 450 good trucks to the Gaza Strip via Karem Abu Salem crossing.

- The truck loaded with goods for trade and agriculture sectors including ;40 truckloads with gravel, 20 with cement and 10 with construction iron for international construction projects only.

- Rafah crossing is still closed for the 23rd  consecutive days, it opens partially for few hours according to a decision made by Egyptian Authorities. 

Health sector:

-         The amount of stored medicine has decreased to 30%. 145 types of medicine  and 460 kind of medical disposables have run out. 

-         Nearly one thousand patients are prevented from getting medical treatment in the Egyptian hospital. Over 300 referral cases received treatment in Egypt per month.

-         The electricity outages for 12 hours a day, the lack of fuel necessary for working the electrical generators and ambulances increased and the need of fuel had risen to 360.000 liters a month

 Economy sector:

-         Only 10 tunnels out of 1200 still operating after the Egyptian Authorities destroyed them.

-         Only few amounts of food, medicine and construction materials entered via these tunnels.

-         Seven thousands workers used to work at these tunnels  lost their source of income.

-         The losses of merchants ,who used to work in these tunnels, are estimated with millions of dollars.

Fuel crisis :

-         The fuel crisis is worsening especially after the Egyptian Authorities intensifies its measures and prevent the entrance of fuel to the Gaza Strip.

Education sector:

-         Osama Al-mzizn, the Minister of Education,  announced the launch of the first project to generate power out of solar energy to overcome problems resulted from fuel shortage in schools.