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Israeli settlements put 1,500-year-old monastery at risk
Israeli settlements put 1,500-year-old monastery at risk
San Simon monastery in south-central occupied Jerusalem
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Gaza, ALRAY, The spread of Israeli settlements threatens the 1,500 year old Saint Simon Fortress in the occupied West Bank, a region for future Palestine state, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

Cemal Ed-Dik, Kefr Ed-Dik parliament speaker, told an AA correspondent that the monastery consisted one-room only until the Israeli government unearthed the rest of the building in order to reveal historical Jewish buildings in the region.

Ed-dik claimed the building that comprised 4,000 meter square is under threat from Israeli settlements.

Activist Vesam ed-Dik criticized Israeli government and accused it of plundering the region. “We will resist and preserve the area,” he said, calling the UN agency to add the historical building into the list of World Heritage Site.

A factory and settlement building have been constructed recently near to the monastery.