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Israeli Trap to Arrests Palestinian Patients
Israeli Trap to Arrests Palestinian Patients
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli forces arrested 14 Palestinians at the Beit Hanoun crossing, the so-called “Erez” crossing, since the beginning of 2013. The Israeli forces exploit the need of Palestinians to travel and use crossings as traps, Al Mezan center for human rights reported.

The Beit Hanoun crossing (Erez) is located in the far north of the Gaza Strip between the blockaded Gaza and Israel. The crossing, which is under full Israeli control, is dedicated to pedestrians, trucks, diplomats, foreign missions, journalists, workers, Palestinian merchants and other people who have permission to cross into Israel. It is is currently used to transport Palestinian patients and injured for medical treatment to Jordan, Israel and the West Bank.

According to monitoring and documentation of the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, since the beginning of 2013, Israeli forces have arrested 14 Palestinians at the Erez crossing. Of these 14, three were patients and four were patient escorts. There were also two businessmen arrested.

The Israeli forces continue to use crossings as traps to arrest Palestinians, exploiting the need to travel. Israeli forces make use of its tightened closure of the Gaza Strip to humiliate Palestinians, arrest them, or urge them to collaborate.

Al Mezan calls on the international community to promptly intervene to stop the Israeli grave and systematic violations of IHL and human rights principles, ensure access to health care of Palestinian patients.

Al Mezan warns of deteriorating in humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip due to the Israeli siege. Al Mezan reiterates its previous calls for lifting the siege and ensuring the Israeli respect of IHL in its dealing with Palestinians.