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Netanyahu orders building a security fence in Jordan Valley
Netanyahu orders building a security fence in Jordan Valley
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Moti Milrod/MaanImages)
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Gaza, ALRAY - The head of the Israeli government Benyamin Netanyahu ordered the construction of a security fence in the Jordan Valley, due to the impasse in negotiations with the Palestinian Authority over the military control of area.

According to a report of the Israeli daily Maariv's Sunday's edition,  Netanyahu announced that construction of the security fence will begin as soon as the security fence with Egypt is completed, near the borer town of Eilat.

Netanyahu has also ordered acceleration in the building of the security fence along the border in the Golan Heights.

Palestinians in the Jordan Valley which is under Area C are in constant fear of eviction due to Israel’s continuous expansion of lands, settlements, live-fire military training zones and Israeli occupation's control of the water resources in the area.

All signs point towards a policy that designates Area C for Israeli use. The Israeli minister of industry, trade and labor Naftali Bennett has long called for the unilateral annexation of the entire area.

Recently, the Israeli occupation announced Kherbit Makhoul, in the northern part of  the Jordan valley, a closed military zone.

The Israeli forces turned the area of Kherbit Makhoul,  which was destroyed three times in the last two weeks, into a military zone for training and established military checkpoints on its entrances.