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Rafah Crossing operates 15 days in October
Rafah Crossing operates 15 days in October
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Gaza, ALRAY - Rafah Crossing was opened only 15 days in last October, Maher Abu Sabha ,  the Director of Rafah Crossing said.

Abu Sabha added that 108 buses, lifting 7193 travelers, left the Gaza Strip through Rafah crossing in the last month; 2500 of them were pilgrims to Mecca.

“In the 31 days of October, Egyptian Authorities opened Rafah Crossing only for 15 disconnected  days,” said Abu Sabah.

He added that during these 15 days the Rafah crossing was not operating perfectly due to a claimed damage in computer network in the Egyptian side.

Abu Sabha said also that 3887 passengers came to the Gaza Strip in the last month.

He hoped that November will witness great improvement in traffic through Rafah crossing that may operates normally as any normal crossing between two neighboring countries.