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Electricity outage has serious impacts on Health: Minister of Health
Electricity outage has serious impacts on Health: Minister of Health
Minister of Health, Mufeed al- Makhllaty
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Gaza, ALRAY - " Health and humanitarian conditions in Gaza are  at risk due to electricity outage  across the Gaza Strip," Minister of Health,  Mufeed al- Makhllaty warned on Monday.

He said in a press statement   that the stop of  functioning of Gaza sole power plant  has grave impacts on Gazes humanitarian and health conditions.

The power plant has been shut down on Friday morning  due to fuel shortage, "the stock of fuel  in Gaza is zero ,"  Fathi el-Sheikh Khalil, the authority's deputy chairman said.

" Less than 50 percent of the needs of the Gaza Strip are currently covered by electricity from Israel," Khalil said.

Makhllaty  called on the local and international interested bodies to hold its responsibilities towards Gaza and exert its efforts to solve the crisis.  

Palestinian Authority pledged last week to deliver fuel to Gaza without the usual tax, but it cancelled its  offer of a tax exemption , making it difficult for the Gaza authorities to afford the fuel.

The Gaza plant supplies about a third of the territory's electricity needs.

In addition to the power plant, which produces up to 65 megawatts, Israel feeds the strip with 120 megawatts and Egypt pours in 27 megawatts.

Gaza residents have endured around eight hours of daily blackouts in recent years because of fuel shortages. The Gaza Energy Authority said the power plant's closure means Palestinians could suffer 12 hours of daily blackouts.