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Israeli forces arrest 24 Palestinians from the West Bank
Israeli forces arrest 24 Palestinians from the West Bank
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli forces carried out multiple arrest raids across the West Bank early Wednesday, detaining 25 Palestinian men, local sources said.

Israeli military vehicles raided the Jenin village of Yabad and ransacked several homes before detaining eight young men. 

The sources said the detainees are:  Alaa Abu Bakr, his brother Bahaa, Yasser Amarnah, Khalid Abu Bakr, Yousif Amarnah, Jawad Abu Bakr, Fuad Abu Bakr and Tariq Abbadi.

Three more raids targeted the Nablus village of Beita where Israeli troops detained nine people. Locals said three were detained in the al-Ras neighborhood. They were identified as 22-year-old Hilal Mustafa Bani Shamsa and his brothers Amir, 20, and Najim, 16.

In the eastern neighborhood of Beita, Israeli forces detained Miqdam Hamayil, 19, Salim Hamayil, 20, Yousif Kharboush, 40, and Nidal Kharboush, 41.

Israeli forces launched a third arrest raid in the western neighborhood of the village where they detained Islam Hamid Uweid, 17, and Ayyoub Jaghoub, 20.

Israeli forces detained two in el-Arrub refugee camp north of Hebron and one in the town of Dura, south of Hebron, and two young Palestinians in Nabi Saleh village west of Ramallah.

In the town of Anata in East Jerusalem, Israeli forces detained Adel Rifaai,26, after ransacking his home in the midnight.

In Hebron, Israeli forces raided in the midnight the house of Yousif al-Furoukh,63, after broking down its main door

The soldiers forced the 16 family members to go to the street before they detained al-Furoukh.

An Israeli army spokeswoman claimed 24 people were arrested overnight for "illegal activity". Eight were detained in Yabad, nine in Beita, two in Nabi Saleh, two in el-Arrub, two in Anata and one in Dura.