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Wael needs help, is there a respondent?
Wael  needs help, is there a respondent?
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Gaza, ALRAY - Five years ago Wa’el Mohammed ‘Oakal suffered from cerebral palsy due to a car accident in Salah Eddin main St. to the east of Jabalyia city which left him stuck on his bed unable to move nothing of his body but his eyes.


He  laid on an electric-powered bedding and his body connected to a number of pumps which reflects clearly Wa’el’s visible and invisible suffering.

In a living room inhabited of 11 persons, Wa’el, the elder son for his parents, spends his entire day surrounded of a vast variety of medications and lies behind him a green-colored oxygen tube equipped with respirator that helps him to breath as normal as possible.


Wa’el needs a constant physiotherapy to keep what is remain of his paralyzed body’s cells viable with the hope that Allah the Almighty will grant him recovery and bring him back to his normal life.


Wa’el’s illness and associated suffering devastated his family and especially his father who is also physically-disabled due to work injury he sustained several  years ago. He became unable to work anymore.

Wa’el's father said “My son needs a constant physiotherapy, medications, special medical equipments that are not available until now”.


He added “My son couldn’t feed himself, so we have to process the food he eats by the food processor and feed him through a pipe inserted directly to his stomach from his abdomen side”.


The father mentioned  that his family had to spend more than 1000 Shekels to provide the necessary food, medications and diapers. He explained that they were forced  to buy an electric generator to provide the electricity necessary for Wa’el’s medical bedding.


Regarding the family’s income, the father  said that Wa’el’s grandfather is the one who takes care of everything the family and Wa’el needs. He appealed to the high-principled people to help his paralyzed son.


Wa’el is not the only one in the family who suffers .Rahaf ,the youngest daughter, suffers from a disease infected her eyes and a congenital disability in her legs.


Wa’el’s mother couldn’t hide her tears and said in a sad voice “We are treating him as if he is normal, but the situation is extremely hard and we cannot find anyone who could help or secure his treatment expenses”.


The mother showed that Wa’el’s father is unemployed since 12 years due to his work injury. She said that the family already approached to a number of organizations and charitable societies to help Wa’el , but with  no avail.


Wa’el is really in a very bad need for help. The concerned organizations and charitable societies must seriously stand with this devastated family so that it wouldn’t be an easy victim of poverty and diseases.