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Israeli FM: No chance for deal with Palestinians
Israeli FM: No chance for deal with Palestinians
Lieberman at Saban Forum convention (Ynet Photo)
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Gaza, ALRAY – The Israeli foreign minister addressing US Secretary of State John Kerry's optimism regarding a political breakthrough with the Palestinian negotiators said "We are at a dead end", Ynet reported.

During a conference in Washington at Saban Center for Middle East Policy he said he "doesn't see a chance to achieve a comprehensive agreement," The Israeli daily added.

On Friday, moments before leaving (Israel), Kerry said: "I believe we are closer than we have been in years in bringing about the peace and prosperity and security that all the people in this region deserve and have been yearning for."

According to France 24, Lieberman is a resident of the colonial West Bank settlement of Nokdim, Lieberman is known for his openly anti-Arab stance and pleaded guilty in 2001 to assaulting a Palestinian child who had hit his son.

He was fined and ordered to pay compensation to the 12-year-old Palestinian.

He has called for Gaza to be treated "like Chechnya" and urged (Israel) to treat its Hamas leaders "like the United States did with the Japanese in World War II."

And he has called for the execution of Arab-Israeli MPs who have had any dealings with the Islamist movement.

Even Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has been slurred as a "diplomatic terrorist" and Lieberman insists there can be no peace while his Western-backed Palestinian Authority is in power.

Lieberman backs colonial settlement activity and wants to keep the major settlements in return for transferring areas where many Palestinians inside 1948 historic Palestine who hold Israeli citizenship live to Palestinian control.

He once said that talks with the Palestinians should not have a starting point of discussing security and refugees, "but rather (start with) something simple like trust and reliability. The trust between the two sides is non-existent. It is hard to make peace when you don't believe the other side."

The Ynet quoted the foreign minister as saying "I am not in favor of a (population) transfer. I am in favor of an exchange of territory. I accept the Bar Ilan speech. If I were sure that a comprehensive agreement and a stable peace could be achieved I would evacuate my settlement and my home. The problem is that I don't see a chance of achieving a comprehensive agreement."