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Gaza faces deadly power crisis
Gaza faces deadly power crisis
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Gaza, ALRAY - Energy Authority in Gaza said that the Power Company informed it about the impossibility of continuing the current timetable of the power cut and expected a rise of the power shortage rate to 75%.

Deputy Chairman of the Energy Authority Fathi al-Sheikh Khalil said in a press conference Sunday that the six-hours (daily) of power supply is devoted to the essential regular needs, urging citizens not to operate electric heaters or any type of device that may cause excess on electricity load.

He called the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to stop taxing the fuel for only 40 days to give an emergency solution for the crisis, indicating that his authority submitted an application to the occupation authorities to buy 100 megawatts which is considered one of the solutions proposed on the table to end the current crisis

Al Sheikh Khalil appealed to the Egyptian authorities to send the Qatar-donated fuel devoted to the power plant in Gaza to minimize the Gazans’ suffering..

Director General of Public Relations in the Electricity Distribution Company, Jamal al-Derdesawy said in the conference that the shortage rate is expected to reach 80% in the coming hours, especially with the fall of temperature and the use of electric heaters.

Al-Derdisawi added that the only available solution in the meantime to end the crisis is to rationalize the citizens’ electricity consumption.

He pointed out that his company is currently searching for urgent emergency solutions. “we are not talking now about strategic solutions, we are now facing a complex crisis.”

He said that the two main lines supply Rafah city with electricity are faulty without providing any clear justifications or information.

He added that there are about 600,000 air conditioners, heaters and water heaters in Gaza, either in summer or winter, those cause exceeding on loads on the company’s power wires.