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Gov.: (Israel) is acting as a regional superpower
Gov.: (Israel) is acting as a regional superpower
Border with Lebanon (
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Israeli army has been put on the highest level of alert amid tensions on the borders with Lebanon and Syria, the Israeli radio reported Sunday, quoted an Israeli radio.

The Israeli broadcasters said that “the measure was declared on the country's borders with Lebanon, Syria, and the Gaza Strip as well as in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem,”

On Sunday, two mortar shells were fired from Lebanon into the Kiryat Shmona colonial settlement, causing no damage or casualties. The Israeli army had shelled a southern Lebanese area as a response to the mortar attack.

Last week, a mortar shell fired from Syrian territory landed in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. The mortar round, which struck an uninhabited area, resulted in no human or material damage.

(Israel) also launched a series of raids on Gaza last week, leaving a Palestinian child dead and six adult Palestinians injured.

Israeli artillery hit on Sunday, December 29, southern Lebanon with twenty shells, allegedly in retaliation to the firing of Katyusha rockets from Lebanon on the occupying Israeli state’s territory.

Palestinian Government in Gaza condemned the Israeli aggression on Lebanon, saying the Zionist entity is trying to act as the regional superpower.

Dr. Yousef Rizq , political advisor to Palestinian Prime Minister, compared the Israeli aggression against Lebanon to the recent bombings on Gaza [which killed a three-year-old girl and wounded 16]. 

“Israel as an occupying power has the largest military force in the region and is trying to exercise the role of a superpower; it creates tension or calm whenever it wishes to do so,” he added.