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Gaza taxi drivers protest shortage of fuel
Gaza taxi drivers protest shortage of fuel
The head of the transport Workers Union Jamal Jarad
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Gaza, ALRAY - Transport Workers Union (TWU) in Gaza called on Wednesday the United Nation and Human Right Organizations to pressure Israel to lift the imposed siege on Gaza since 2007, asking Ramallah authorities to eliminate taxes on fuel exported to Gaza.

The TWU  organized on Wednesday a sit-in at Karni Crossing east of Gaza, calling for opening the closed crossing . The head of the Union Jamal Jarad stressed the need to allow the entry of spare parts of cars to the Gaza Strip.

" The imposed siege on Gaza since 2007 created  several crises which affected the transport sector seriously , the statics of losses are beyond perception," he said. 

Jarad explained that the shortage of fuel paralyzed the economic and transportation process which therefore hindered many workers from reaching their works. The losses of economic sector due to the ongoing blockade reached to $154 million.

He said that Gaza needs 400.000 liter of fuel per day.