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DCIP: Israeli authorities delay investigations into child abuses
DCIP: Israeli authorities delay investigations into child abuses
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Gaza, ALRAY - Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCIP) said “the occupation authorities are still procrastinating to investigate the circumstances of child abuses by Israeli soldiers,”

DCIP said it filed a complaint at the Israeli military police about an Israeli attack on Hindi Sultan, 17, Hares village in Salfit city during his arrest on September 19, 2013 where one of the soldiers extinguish a cigarette on the hand of a child and beat him.

“Israeli military police responded to the complaint made ​​on November 27 on January 7 by asking that the child appear before the prosecutor for a hearing,”

The organization said it demanded for a lawyer or a member of the child’s family to be with him during the hearing, but the Israeli military prosecution refused, asking that only the child presents himself in the court.

The DCIP lawyer Iyad Misk said that the occupation authorities is trying to procrastinate and find reasons to close the file and suspend the investigation into the incident, stressing that by law the child has every right to come with a lawyer or a member of his family when giving his testimony.

The DCIP said the Israeli legal authorities’ failure to open an investigation into alleged Israeli ill-treatment and torture confirms reports of Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations which indicate that Israel rarely holds accountable those committing violations Palestinian children’ human rights.

It also testifies that this immunity granted to the Israeli soldiers is a clear message that the state is not interested in stopping the perpetrators of Palestinian child abuses, which contributed to the consistent violations of their human rights.

The DCIP pointed out that the reports of the Israeli organization Volunteers for Human Rights (Yesh Din), which monitors the criminal accountability against the Israeli soldiers with regard to human rights violations against Palestinians, suggest that when criminal investigations against suspects of criminal offenses against Palestinians are opened, they are almost end up with failure to find any results.

The DCIP said it filed 15 complaints on behalf of 10 children tortured and ill-treated during 2013, five of which were against the Israeli intelligence service, five against Israeli investigators and Israeli police, and five against the occupation army.