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40% of occupied Palestine is Israeli military bases
40% of occupied Palestine is Israeli military bases
IDF soldiers in front of the Kirya in Tel Aviv
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Gaza, ALRAY - 40% of Palestine land is used as military bases or military training zoon by Israel military, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported.

However, it explained that  Israel military ministry  still spends nearly 100 million shekels ($28.6 million) annually to rent offices, apartments and even private homes for various purposes.

It reported that Israel military ministry spent more than 79, 580,305 NIS in 2013 in renting buildings for military uses , making clear that Israel army controlled 7 to 8 million dunames  of Palestinian land in 2010.

According to the report , most of military bases are in south occupied  Palestine  while dozens of them are in central occupied Palestine especially  near Jerusalem. It also noted that some military establishments are housed in civilian office buildings in Gush Dan.

The report also explained that Israel  rents 32 apartments for the military ministry and the IOF, most of them for military intelligence." It is not clear what all these apartments are used for, but some are used for screening personnel for top secret army unit," Haaretz cited.

Twenty-eight of the apartments are in Tel Aviv, and there is also one in Rosh Ha’ayin, one near Beit Shemesh, one in Haifa and one in an undisclosed location. The annual rent for these apartments comes to 1.9 million shekels in total.

The military  establishment also rents thousands of parking spaces all over occupied Palestine , at a cost of 2.65 million shekels. Most of the parking is in the Tel Aviv area, but there are also parking spaces rented in Jerusalem, near the Haifa wholesale market, in Tzrifin and in Tiberias.

The military also pays some 9.5 million shekels to rent space at Haifa Port, and 127,000 shekels to rent space at the Herzliya marina for a naval patrol boat stationed there.