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Four buses leave Gaza, seven return: Registration Director
Four buses leave Gaza, seven return: Registration Director
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Gaza, ALRAY – Egyptian authorities on Wednesday allowed the entry of four buses from Gaza through Rafah crossing while  seven buses were asked to return to the besieged enclave.

Lieutenant Colonel Ismail Abu al-Jbeen, the director of registration office in Rafah crossing confirmed that the crossing  is operating slowly.

Abu al-Jbeen pointed out that priority will be for the people who registered to travel on Jan. 30 and for the returned buses, demanding registered passengers to present at the crossing at 7:00am.

Egypt opened Rafah crossing on Tuesday for three days after 11 consecutive days of closure.

The Egyptian authorities informed the Palestinian side that the crossing will open on next Sunday and Monday only for pilgrims, who will perform “Ummra”.

The Rafah crossing has been the principal connection between Gaza's 1.7 million residents and the outside world since the imposition of an economic blockade by Israel beginning in 2007.

Rafah has frequently been shut down or operating at reduced capacity in recent months due to ongoing unrest in Egypt.