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Abbas hopes not to be hard-pressed to take Israel to ICC
Abbas hopes not to be hard-pressed to take Israel to ICC
Netanyahu and Abbas. Informal dialogue (Archive photo: Reuters)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hoped not to “make a decision to take (Israel) to the International Criminal Court which will complicate things,”

In an interview with Yediot Ahranot daily on Monday evening, he added that "the use of force against Israel became an option not on the cards,” 

Abbas hoped to solve the pending issues peacefully with the Israelis “I do not want to complicate thing with the world and Israel,"

"I ​​have the right to go wherever to sue Israel, but I have stopped here and paused to give peace efforts a chance,” he said.

Commenting on Hamas, which is radically opposing any final-status settlement agreement between the [Palestinian] authority and  Israel, he said that “there is an official agreement with Hamas in writing about our negotiations on the 1967 borders and they [Hamas] agree on a non-violent popular resistance, forming a government of technocrats and holding elections,”

“All the [Palestinian] security services are working on one goal; to prevent any one from smuggling weapons or wanting to use these weapons  either in the Palestinian territories or Israel; this is the main concern of the Palestinian security forces,”

He said this solution [final-status settlement agreement] shall get a recognition from 57 Arab and Islamic countries, adding that it might be a 'one-off opportunity'.