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Shin Bet chief: Israel's ability to deter enemies is strong, Arab busy with themselves
Shin Bet chief: Israel's ability to deter enemies is strong, Arab busy with themselves
Israeli occupation military intelligence chief Aviv Kochavi (
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Gaza, ALRAY - An Israeli military intel official said on Wednesday that “Israel's ability to deter enemies is strong, but on the other hand, terror is still a challenge,”

"We call this period in time the "Era of Fire", in light of the amount of missiles and rockets we face as a constant threat," JPost quoted the official Aviv Kochavi .

Speaking of the challenges to guarding the borders of the Israeli occupation, he said that “neighboring countries have little interest in war,”

"The countries around us are busy with themselves, they have less funds to start a war. There is no question that there is a decrease in such threats but they have not given up," he said.

Regarding Egypt, Kochavi proclaimed "any retreat of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region is significant for Israel."

During the last few days, Israeli war criminals repeatedly threatened the Gaza Strip with a military action.

Al Jazeera English reported on January 19 that an Egyptian mediator delivered a threat message from Israel to Gaza's leadership, while the Israeli prime minister threatened on January 21, to teach Gaza's governing Hamas Movement a lesson "very soon".

Since December 20, when a Palestinian citizen was shot dead by Israeli forces while near the Beir Hanon (Erez) crossing in northern Gaza Strip, four Palestinians and an Israeli have been killed.

Secretary General of the Palestinian Ministerial Council in the Gaza Strip, Abdul-Salam Syam, on January 11 called for Egypt to take action to stop the continuous Israeli military aggression on Gaza.

"The Israeli army continues its aggression on the Gaza Strip, intentionally targeting civilians." Syam said, adding that it is a "clear violation of the truce brokered by Egypt, reached in the wake of the Israeli war on the Strip in 2012."

Syam affirmed that all Palestinian factions are "committed to the truce," but that the Israeli occupation breaches it and "targets civilians and the Palestinian resistance."

To face Israeli aggression Syam reiterated that the Palestinian resistance has the right to respond, "in order to protect people."

Dozens of Gazans have been reported injured and killed since the ceasefire agreement following Israel’s November 2012 aggression, which left over 171 Palestinians, including 102 civilians, killed and hundreds injured.