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Israeli military carries out provocative exercises in Jordan Valley
Israeli military carries out provocative exercises in Jordan Valley
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Occupied West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided several homes on Thursday early morning in Ein Shably village in the central area of the Jordan valley, east of Nablus city, northern the occupied West Bank.


Activist Osama abu-Hatab from Ein Shably village, said that the occupation troops suddenly broke into the Palestinians homes and messed them up and interrogated their inhabitants after inspecting their ID cards and taking photos in a statistical-like step for the village’s inhabitants.


Abu Hatab added that the occupation forces insisted to enter the homes  after continuous heavy knocks on the doors that caused severe horror and fear among children and woman in bitter cold weather during the early morning hours.


Abu Hatab pointed that the occupation soldiers carried out the military exercises with scary black masks and heavy military equipment.


It is worthy to mention that, the occupation forces carried out three similar military exercises in Ein Shably, Annasariah and al-Aqrabaniah villages during January using helicopters, heavy military machinery and dozens of soldiers.