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Israeli scheme to buy Palestinian houses in Acre
Israeli scheme to buy Palestinian houses in Acre
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Acre, ALRAY - Ahmed Ouda, former member of Akka municipal council, warned Palestinians ,in the old city of Acre, of  selling their  homes to Zionist extremist groups aimed who tried to Judaize the city.

Ouda said that the extremist Zionist groups seek to implement a large and dangerous scheme to buy many homes in (Al-Mablata district) Anis Feran square, in attempt to house highly extremist Zionist students.

He stated that the plan includes the establishment of a Jewish museum in the district, in addition to a direct route between al-Remal synagogue (located behind the targeted homes) and Anees Feeran district.

Ouda called on the officials in the city to prevent the establishment of these extremist Zionist schools, emphasizing the importance of a unified and a firm stand to stop this dangerous scheme.