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Israel rejects to convene the tripartite committee of incitement
Israel rejects to convene the tripartite committee of incitement
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation government rejected  on Tuesday the Palestinian – American drive to activate the tripartite committee to address incitement and education toward peace both in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Israeli newspaper reported.

Israeli strategic affairs  minister Yuval Steinitz made clear to American that " the condition for participation in such a committee would be a Palestinian confidence measure , such as deleting  incitement content from official PA websites,"  senior Israeli sources reported to Haaretz.

Palestinian National Authority  called more than once to convene the tripartite committee which existed during the early Oslo years but has been inactive for more than a decade .

U.S. envoy George Mitchell decided to stop addressing the issue, believing it would only intensify the blame game between the two sides. Now, however, American peace process envoy Martin Indyk and other American officials made clear to Netanyahu and Steinitz that they support forming such a committee and believe it could be helpful.

Steinitz refuted the Palestinian- American initiative , claiming that there is no symmetry between the systematic official Palestinian Authority incitement, and the Palestinian claims of Israeli incitement against them.

" Setting up such a committee would just allow the Palestinians to avoid dealing with the issue themselves ," Steinitz arguing.