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Yediot: 12 booby-trapped car blasts in half a year
Yediot: 12 booby-trapped car blasts in half a year
Site of blast in Tel Aviv, Saturday (Photo:
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Gaza, ALRAY - An Israeli police official said on Sunday the recent assassinations in Israeli occupation cities and were carried out with the use of ‘IDF explosives’.

"The source of most of the explosives is the Israeli Defense Forces," the reported the statement of the police commissioner.

"No police force in the world knows how to totally prevent these kinds of incidents. I hope we manage to make significant progress in this area. We thwart (such incidents) practically on a weekly basis; (the public) is unaware of most of our thwarting efforts," he said.

The Hebrew edition of the Israeli daily said 12 booby-trapped cars exploded since last Summer.

The daily quoted official statistics as showing that seven Israelis were killed in the recent bombings and dozens wounded in Israeli mafia violence, most recently the southern "Tel Aviv" incident which took place on Saturday evening in which an Israeli was killed. 

It added that Tel Aviv yesterday [Saturday] joined the list of ghost towns of Askelan, Ashdod, Petah Tikva and Rehovot, given the police impotence in the face of such crimes. 

The daily wondered whether Israel would launch 'Operation Defensive Shield' anew against the mafia gangs after Israelis got their security lost, referring to so-called ‘Operation Defensive Shield’ against West Bank cities in 2002 during Second Intifada, which claimed the lives of some 250 Palestinians.