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Sit-in in solidarity with fishermen in Gaza port
Sit-in in solidarity with fishermen in Gaza port
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Gaza, ALRAY - Supreme National Committee to Lift the Siege on Gaza and the Legislative Council organized Wednesday a sit-in in solidarity with the fishermen in Gaza port.

MP in the Legislative Council, Jamal Nassar, said during the sit-in, the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip is unjust, blaming the world for their silence.

"silence about Gaza siege is considered as participation in it,” said Nassar, calling the world to shoulder its responsibilities to lift the unjust siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Nassar added: " the whole world should understand the Palestinian people will not give up their rights and constants. They will continue their legitimate resistance until getting freedom and liberating their land and holy places from the criminal occupation ."

For his part, Head of Fishermen Union, Nizar Ayyash, condemnedthe continued firing on Palestinian fishing boats bythe Israeli occupation, which led to the death of many, in addition to causing substantial damage to their boats and belongings .

Ayyash appealed the local, Arab and international media to expose the daily violations by the Israeli occupation against against the Palestinian fisherme.